Yes. You read it right.

The 100 reasons to leave teaching that you’re reading is NOT in any particular order other than that by which I remember them.  In over a decade, I have been subjected to some of the most surprising things that MOST people never suspect about the teaching profession…..and then they get hired to “make a difference”.

On of my first eye openers to how false, misleading and politically abusive the world of Education was had to do with the use of Grant Money.


Ahh yes…Money.  The root of all evil right?  Well, in some cases yes.

So why care about where grant money goes when you’re just a teacher?

Grant money is a hot commodity in the education world.  Let’s start there.

Schools talk about how they are so poor and how they can’t afford things, yet they apply and often receive grant money for this lack.

Now, understand me.  I’m not saying that ALL schools do this…but unfortunately I’ve SEEN it myself and I’ve heard it one to many times.

It’s unbelievable and it’s time that the public knows.

Here’s my Story.

In the small school district where I work, which is a  LOW INCOME qualifying school, grants are sought after and ABUSED.

The community surrounding this school brags of not having their taxes raised for a long time, and the school says they suffer from loss of funds.   The problem, that I see, however, is not the loss of funds but rather the BLATENT lack of respectable, honest and full use of funds.

Case in point:

Time #1 I learned this lesson:

It was early in my teaching career.  I as approached by the superintendent of the time about creating a Forensics program for which they had received a Substantial amount of money for.  I was asked to create a curriculum for the grant.

Little did I know, I was being involuntarily involved in participating in a scam.  But you will find out that NO ONE would ever find out.  You see, the government and grant givers trust that the educational institutes are honest (like I did before I learned that teaching is NOT a respectable profession anymore).

The grant was a big deal and it brought in some news professionals who even wrote a whole article and I think a newscast about it.  The superintendent of the time looked like a town hero.

It was all a hoax.  I had no idea.

Just prior to me being brought into this scam, two underqualified and uncertified individuals were given catalogs of science materials to order so they could spend money that was coming in. Some of the items were useful, but thousands of dollars worth was just a waste of money.

Within one year of receiving the grant, the majority of the THOUSANDS of dollars that were given were wasted.  A whole new room was built to accommodate the new Forensics curriculum that was “scheduled” and some locals were given a lot of cash to help make it happen. (Not kidding in any way whatsoever)

Why is this a scam?

Well, after the newscast …NOTHING and I mean absolutely NOTHING was done with Forensics.  NADA.

Now if you know anything about grants, you know there is follow up or there are repercussions.

Little did I know that the district would cover up, hide and outright lie to keep that money that was used to buy some patsy science supplies, pay buddies to build a classroom and give a little political boost to the higher ups in charge.

As for those science supplies?

Well, the room still exists but has never taught a science that was anywhere near close to forensics.  The thousands in supplies has gone through two major purges and the majority was thrown away in a dumpster to “get it out of the way”.  I’m talking micropipettes, several centrifuges, gel electrophoresis apparatuses, Freezers, mini- centrifuges, digital cameras (taken and used for the school newspaper), UV lights and so much more.

These aren’t cheap or classroom quality supplies.  They are real medically graded devices that were bought by two teachers (one of whom was a board members son), to make it appear that a real class was going to happen.

It’s disgusting.

I should have taken pictures of the atrocity.

Time #2 I learned this lesson:

It was a rare occurrence, but I ate lunch with teachers one year.  One happened to be a special education teacher who was also involved in one of these Grant Scams unknowingly.

The teacher had worked to help prepare for a grant for the Special Education Kids and the Special Education Teachers were excited.

ONLY the special education teachers were to benefit.  They were protective of the new desks, chairs and supplies they had received…..but something HUGE was missing.

Nearly $20,000.

Within the grant, there was money to be used for a Van to take the life skills and special education kid on field trips.

Do you think that ever happened?

Nah.   It was just another scam to “appear” to have good intentions.

Time #3 I learned this lesson:

Nearly $2000 was donated from a local company for the Art Supplies and the Art Club.   At the time, the Art teacher was out on sick leave.

It was discovered the following year, once the art teacher returned, that several hundreds of this money was NOT used for what it was intended for.

Instead it was used, at the discretion of a community member, to help one student with a senior project.  Hundreds of dollars…..mysteriously approved for an unintended purpose.

No one even winced at it.  The Art Teacher dared not to investigate further or the money would disappear. As a matter of a fact, the money was “missing” for a year and not known about.  Mysteriously the following year the money reappeared but with hundreds missing of course.


Is this real?

Believe me when I tell you that I know this sounds crazy.  Heck…it took me 10 years to finally believe it was happening.  The sad thing?

This is ONLY what I know of.  I know there was more.

There are lies to the state, teachers being forced to “fix” state test questions and so much more.

So…is grant money really a reason to leave teaching?

YOU bet your freakin’ ass it is.

I believe most people get into teaching to help…not to hurt, hide, misrepresent or steal.

When you follow corrupt leaders, you are in a corrupt, unprofessional, unethical and immoral profession.  THAT, my friends is a reason to leave teaching.

You can not be the lone person to save this corruption. You see, I alerted the state.  I sent an anonymous alert….with an unrelated email to me.  The response?   Nothing.  NADA.

The abuse of grant money runs rampant in the one little place I work and no one checks up to see if the all “superior” leaders are being honest about it.  Required paperwork is signed off and corrupt with lies and misinformation to make things “appear” just fine.

Don’t think for a second that public education institutions are clean and honest.  I know of one that affects thousands and is nothing but corrupt and has been for years.