I know what you thinking….

Who in the world writes a whole blog about 100 Reasons to Leave something?

Well,  This is the About site for www.angelapercaso.com, and so this is where I will tell you how this site came “about”.

The beginning of the idea:

The day I decided to write this blog was two days after I had an outpatient surgical procedure.

Haunted by the number on the scale and gaining new perspective of where my life has turned since I experienced a traumatic event almost a year ago to this day, I couldn’t get this idea out of my head.

The idea?

Well, there were many but the prominent ones were, I need to leave my place of work where the unimaginable (for me anyways) happened and I needed to leave all the horrible things that happened there behind me.

I know I have to let it go.   But it’s hard.

So, this blog is my attempt to leave behind a traumatic incident that shook my world and pushed me into someone I never imagined being when I decided to become a teacher years ago.

My main idea is to talk about 100 reasons to leave teaching.

My secondary idea is to talk about 100 reasons to leaver fat cells behind.

I also would like to talk about 100 reasons to leave a relationship and all those other things that we, as humans, hold on to for too long.

You see, due in part of what happened, I have gained a substantial amount of weight and have lost a ridiculous amount of myself.  There is physically more of me…but internally I have disappeared. I’m hiding and it’s time to get myself out of my hole.

It was this morning, with my 1 year old snuggled on top of me, that I realized that I didn’t want to labor breathing going up stairs or fell the tingling in my arms that are thicker than my neck.  I didn’t want to continue to work in a place where morals and ethics of city leaders (teachers, principals..etc) are misaligned and self serving.  I couldn’t shake the idea that I had to write about this.

My idea is two websites.

This one, to focus mainly on leaving teaching FOREVER and another to talk about my journey to lose weight while suffering from PTSD.

This is my blog for healing and my only hope is that it will help heal and inspire others out there that know they need to leave.

Whether it’s teaching or some other profession, there are reasons to leave a job to save who you are and push you to excel in other parts of the world.

You need to play your part in this world by being the best you and by being trapped in a place where your growth is stunted or your morals and ethics don’t’ align, your potential is nothing but severely stunted.

THIS BLOG is my weapon against that person inside of me that wants to take the path most easily traveled.  It’s meant to inspire me and push me beyond the place where I stopped living about a year ago after being assaulted by a student.

This blog is for my healing.