Just the name of the post should scare you. We were all afraid of our own parents at one point and time, and chances are if you’re reading this blog, you are like minded and you were raised well…..so there should be a “little” fear in you.

Now I’m not talking about fear from being burned by irons or whipped by electric cords….I’m talking mostly about the fear of disappointing your own parents and how they raised you well to make sure you had that lesson ingrained in you.

If you had parents that cared, there is no doubt, that fear is deep within you.  But some parents  many parents are their own worst enemy….and they will be yours if you’re a teacher.

Actually, they won’t so much be an enemy rather than a time stealer and whiner that needs some attention.

In the decade that I have been teaching, I have learned a VERY big thing about human development and it has been around in wise words for thousands of years.

Wanna know what it is?

“Apples don’t fall far from the tree.”


If you want to truly know what that means.  Become a teacher.

Case in point:  One year, early in my teaching career, I was in a meeting with several other adults.  The meeting was about a student who was not doing so well and the mother was livid.  But unlike most parents these days that throw fusses and stomp their feet and scream….this ONE was livid at the student.

Now you would think that would be great right?

Finally a parent that sees where their student is lacking…..

Ahh…not so much in this case.

This parent showed up to the meeting high.  Like high on crack high.

They sat down and the student was with us.

We were to discuss how we could improve their behavior and their grades.

The students was a good kid…sometimes.   And at that age, they just needed a little push and that’s where the parent meeting came in.

As teachers we use the parent meeting as a tactic to make the parent aware that we do care and to hopefully to put our mouth where our actions are and show the kid that we will try anything to get them on the right track. Sadly, this tactic works for the worst situations, temporarily, because the kids are so scared of being beat when they go home.

A parent meeting for the majority of the students is a call for future abuse…..but we had no choice.

So there we are sitting with this high mother and she looked over to her son and said this: ” I know you ain’t doing your homework.  You know how I know.  Yeah..you wonder huh?  You dont’ think I’m watching you..but I’m watching you.  You don’t think I know whatshoe doin?  Yeah…Like the other day, you little nigga, I heard you on the porch, I was right there, and you was talking about me.  I heard everything you said and you think bringing me here ain’t goin do nothin?  You know I’m gonna getchu when you get home.  There aint’ no excuse for you ……..

ON and ON and ON.

She continued to berate him and tell him how worthless he was in front of all of his teachers and the principal.

You know what the adults did?

They uncomfortably looked at one another.  It got to a point where I was going to step up and say something.  I was waiting for the principal to do it so as not to undermine her authority….(another joke in public education) but, to my surprise, the women was allowed to continue.

I couldn’t take it anymore and finally got up and said that I had to tend to an animal in my room.  I then looked at the boy and said: “Would you like to come along with me?”

Of course he did.

Fuck those adults that didn’t protect him from that sort of abuse.

That poor kid.

But we’re talking about apples right?

No one ever tried to teach the mother better but the school and some personal tried to help this kid.

Everyone was “amazed” at his turnaround in high school.

But you know what happened?

One late night after 2am?

The kid got shot in a drug deal gone wrong.

Parents…..are our worst enemy sometimes because they mold and INGRAIN the behavior in these precious human beings that we are in charge of and they SUCK the life out of our kids and are the first to BLAME THE TEACHER for the kids inadequacies.

Don’t think for a second that this particular parent didn’t come in and shout that our teachers had something against her kid years later.

Many times parents only hear what their kids tell them and they don’t take the proper time to find out the truth.  They keep pushing the problems under the run until they explode.

Some kids get shot (no…it’s not the first one) and some flunk out.  Some even make it through the broken system but don’t do much afterward.

There are VERY VERY few kids that have their own willpower to paddle against these horrible rapids their parents create around them.

Education is lacking in many parents and some play ignorance.

9.9 times out of 10, the parents see the same problems with their kids at home and just don’t know what to do.

Parents aren’t educated because they choose to be ignorant.

It’s a disease that runs rampant in the public schools.

It’s the reason I blog now and learn how to use shared hosting plans like InMotion to impact the world, rather than having to go and cry because another kid was killed, or a kid assaulted me. (true story)


Teaching sucks.


This is JUST one reason.

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