One of the main things that I noticed from all my other jobs and my job as a teacher is that the adults, who you expect to act mature and be good role models, in teaching tend to eventually start to act like High school kids.

It’s sick.

Imagine working with a group of “professionals” who print photos or their leaders and fellow teachers and then posting them up in a copy room/ lunch room with distasteful jokes on it?

Here’s an example:

One year I was working under a rather sloth like principal.  He didn’t seem to do much, but the discipline in the school seemed fair enough and it seemed that the school got by.

It was during the reign of this principal that the teachers seemed the most childlike, in my opinion.

I remember one time that I walked into the teacher lounge and it was plastered with photos of Shrek.  Then below the photo it would say passive aggressive jokes about Shrek and make implications about the principal.

There was also another very gullible teacher represented on this wall space, who later acknowledge seeing it and being hurt by it, but she failed to approach them because they would laugh in her face.

I always felt back for that teacher because she truly cared about the kids and she was truly a very nice person who worked hard for the kids.

The ones who made fun of her?

You could tell that they were still in High School.

They would wait by the back doors to the parking lot from 2:5opm on until 3pm when they could leave.

They would make more photos to make fun of teachers they decidedly did not like.  They played buddy buddy with the upperclassmen in the school.

And the ultimate WTF? moment at this school?

It was the year I decided to help chaperone the homecoming dance.

I looked over and there she was.  It was a teacher being sandwiched between two male students bumping and grinding.

(Now I dont’ know if she was thinking it was like doing the “electric slide” or not…but…I think you and I both know this is wrong.)

Just to give you a visual:

This is OK to do if you are a teacher:

This, however is what I saw.  Yes…two male students and 1 female it’s the opposite of this..but you get the point.

Yes. My jaw dropped.

As I viewed around, the other person watching, yet saying nothing, was the principal at the time.

Again my jaw drops.

Talking about in appropriate.

Lines are crossed when teachers are still in a high school mentally.

Students are not our friends.  They are our mentees and we have a duty to show them the proper way to act in a leader/student relationship.

It was from that point forward that vowed to never chaperon another dance.

Now if you think that is outrageous…just wait till you hear about the teacher who had seniors drive him around town so he could drink at the bars and they could be his designated driver.

Sounds unreal huh?

I promise you these are all TRUE stories of the school I work in.

They are just part of the reason you should reconsider a profession in teaching or consider leaving.

These are not signs of a quality profession.

If you’re like me, you’re in a world where no one (but a very few) seems to think these actions are that bad…including the administrators.

Aye Aye Aye.

I can’t even get through this post without shaking my head.

It’s time to move on.  It’s safer to try and sell and make money from the Kyani Compensation Plan than I am from trying to be a respectable person in the public school setting these days.

Although I don’t do the things I’m posting about, I’m still in the profession where this runs wild.

It’s almost like saying you’re a clean stripper.   I’m a good teacher.

Is there such a thing?

I don’t like fuzzy lines.

I’m a black and white person.

For that reason…I’m out.

Public schools are for the dogs.