Why leave teaching?

Harassment and other forms of abuse that teachers face on a daily basis that are not addressed by the administration and scoffed at by parents.

Are apologies good enough?

Where I work is a joke.   The progressive discipline doesn’t even exist anywhere except on some papers called: “Board Policy”. Students are handled on a case by case basis (read this as the admin saying..”I have no idea what I’m doing so I hide behind excuses like “case by case cases” and clearly treat others differently”).  Although this is valid to some degree, when there is a consistent pattern of incompetent decision making by the disciplinarian in your school that students, teachers and parents recognize, something should be done.  BUT..if you remember one of  my earlier posts….it’s easier to brush these things under the RUG OF SHAME.


Actually, come to think of it….not much of the Board Policy is followed at all.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to take a look at the board policy of my school and tell you how much is NOT followed?  (Great idea! Look for it in future posts)


But before we get to why this post is called “Eat a Dick”, let’s start with some background information to help you understand how we got there…


For over a decade I have been optimistically working to help kids in a low income school district find ways out of their situations.   From no heat or electric in their homes, abusive and heroine addicted mothers, crack smoking fathers and gang related friends, I have had hundreds of moments where I stop all things associated with any subject that I teach (I teach many), and I talk to the kids on a level they can hear.

High school kids act tough, but they are in need and desire deeply to have more guidance and assurance that the world around them can and will change.   And the change can happen because of them.

Many, sadly, have given up …or even worse…never even started believing.

There is something to be said about “tricking” our kids into believing in Santa Clause.  It’s the first time in their life they have a huge lesson that sticks with them for the rest of their lives.   “If I’m good, I get more stuff”

Whether you agree with that or not, it’s still true.

Many parents and kids across the globe us the “coal in the stocking” bit to help their kids perform better.


But what do we do when the threat of coal is gone?  What happens when Santa no longer exists?


We leave our kids with a deficient.   They no longer have much to motivate them…especially if their home environment and surroundings offers no support and all they see is human intelligence being wasted from drugs, lack of empathy, child abuse and worse.


The one bright thing is gone.


Kids who have it rough seek attention even more.  Some have sports and great coaches and teachers to guide them.  Because of the mandated eligibility rules, any kid in sports HAS TO PASS the majority of their classes. When kids are focused on learning, the discipline issues tend to occur less.


But watch out when that sports season is over.  No longer do they worry about the C in Algebra or the D in Drawing.

They start to rebel about two months later and it’s about that time you hope they signed up for basketball to get them back on track.

But…they don’t.

They know there will be no repercussions from a coach and they have no worries that they can’t play with their peers.

Their new “sport” of choice  is running the streets at night, partying, having sex and experimenting with Molly, some Stogies and of course that bottle of cheap vodka or small case of beer.   Even if mother take the case of beer?  They just get it another time because they know where she put it.

Girls get raped and the boys laugh about it the next week in school.  It wasn’t rape, they insist, they was all “just playin around” and the girl is “Jus Talkin'”.  Meanwhile, there is a female student missing, crying and trying to understand why her male friends would all stand by and WATCH it happen. The fact that alcohol was involved cushions it all.  Marijuana makes things fuzzy and the community accepts that they just shouldn’t have been “playing around” because that’s what happen and you gotta live with the consequence.

The only people who don’t agree is the victim and her mother.

Was she wrong?


She probably shouldn’t have been drinking underage with other underage kids….but that’s about the extent of it.

She took the risk of losing all of her friends to report it. Most high school kids wouldn’t think twice about “snitching” on the “friends” that they’ve had all their educational life.  The majority would never expose  even the tiniest of things on peers/friends let alone something as harmful as rape.

But she did.  She crossed over to “snitch land”.

Instead of being rewarded for her courage, the community buried her.  Verbally threatened her and challenged her thoughts of coming back after having left to cyber school for months on end.  A formally socially active child, shunned and thrown away.

The years of friendships?  GONE.  She is now a ho and even worse AN OUTSIDER.

Now some of you may be reading thins thinking, “This is just kid drama” and “Why does a teacher concern herself with the happenings outside of the school?”

Why bring up the ongoings of kids outside the school?

It all comes in.


ALL OF IT.  Not a bit of it stays out of the classroom or the school building.  Teachers deal with the repercussions in some cases more than the students who were involved.

Crying students. Angry students. Authority Challenging Students.


Even students who tell teachers to “Eat a Dick”.