When I stop and think of one of the main reasons that a veteran teacher would choose to leave teaching, I generally can not think of just one reason.

Shooting to find 100 reasons to leave teaching probably won’t take that long.

I have decided that by the time I have posted my 100th reason to leave teaching that I will have made some substantial progression in my blogging adventures and I will be able to walk out of the chains of public school teaching forever.


When I needed and was desperate to see what I could do after teacher…I kept coming up empty.

Nothing paid what I was making from being in the profession for over a decade, from spending thousands on a Master’s degree that had hardly any rate of return and from what the life  I developed my family life around from the “perks” of teaching.  If that’s what you want to call them.

I searched high and low and found few articles of teachers who were currently in teaching and who dare say why they would want to leave.

I found some blogs talking about disrespect but nothing about how teachers are assaulted, how administrators brush things under the “rug”, how small town politics make decisions over student and employee safety, how public governments pass by reports of fraud and deflect it back to the ones deceiving the system, how superintendents and board members use their power to influence monetary decisions of where government money goes…..it goes on and on.

It’s taken me over a decade to collect all these stories and all these reasons.  It’s taken hours of observations and research.

It took years for this influence to pound on me before I finally came here.   Sex. Drugs. Rock and Roll and Dirty Dirty things that you would never expect from within a publically “regulated” entity.

I was naïve to think that the world of Education was a scam.  I had no idea, nor was I prepared to face, anything about the dirty unseen things that happen in public schools in the United States.

In my particular situation, in Pennsylvania.

You see, I was told PA was one of the best places to teach. But let me tell you something….NOTHING pays enough money for someone to sacrifice their morals and ethics.

I’ve never seen so many cheek turns, foot turns and cold shoulder presentations as I have in the public education environment.

Was I that blind as a student in the system?

I don’t think so.

Welcome to www.angelapercaso.com.  I’m going to tell you about my teaching experience and why teaching is a profession that should be left for the dogs.