I was thinking for a moment that I’d give this “reason to leave teaching” the title of : “Lagging Leaders”  but the words “Bitch Please!”  keep rolling through my head instead so I went with it.

So what is this reason to leave?

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It’s all those moments when the person sitting across from you has her priorities beyond fucked up and is destroying her own credibility by callously shouting and talking over you. This all happening while you, the teacher, tries to explain that her “A” student is not an “A” student in your class irregardless of all of his past accomplishments in elementary school.

As you continue to show the labored rubric that infinitely proves your point, and then provide her with the completed step by step example, that you spent days on with the students in class, this crazy parent deflects and begins to try and figure out why you didn’t know the work was her student’s work without a name on it.

Here’s a little bit of what you could hear….but should never tolerate from any adults:

Her: “Shouldn’t you know my student’s work from the way it LOOKS, instead of requiring a name?”

You (the one who makes sense): “Well Maam, I serve hundreds of students, I teach thousands of lessons, I’m sorry but I just don’t memorize a student work and it is standard for students to put their names on papers they turn in”

Her: “What kind of teacher doesn’t know who produces the work they are about to correct? What kind a teacher doesn’t know what her student’s work looks like.  Aren’t you walking around the room helping them?  Shouldn’t you already know his name is not on it?  What kind of teacher are you?  It’s just a 7th Grade Class!  You can’t expect this!  I’m a nurse and…”

(It’s about this time you tune out wondering how long you should sit and take this abuse. You wonder how in the world you are sitting in a meeting with a parent who deflects them being proven wrong about their “A” Student to berating and trying to challenge your skills as a teacher. You question why you even are wasting your precious time in a meeting where grades were clearly laid out just so you could show her how you actually curved the grade higher at the end of the class to “help the kids out”.   You look at your limp ass principal for help but he sits with his jaw open, unsure and unconfident of his own freaking leadership abilities and like you, is in shock of the ridiculous display that is going on.   What do you do?  Do you get up and leave?  Do you take control and do what the principal should be doing?  )

You try to explain:  “Your boy is very good in my class, with the exception of a few redirections.  He hasn’t been a problem in my class, however, that does not mean he’s an A student maam.  Some kids just aren’t A students in some subject areas, and this is one such case.  I agree with that he’s a good kid, but if you take a look at this work and this rubric….”

Her: “You just have something against my kid.  You don’t even know your students grades. You You YOu (everything except admitting her kid needs to be more responsible and follow directions that were explicitly given multiple times several days in a row)  That example of an “A” you brought doesn’t look that much different than what my kid gave you. It’s 7th grade for goodness sakes!  You expect this from them?  He ASKED you if it was ok. You said I guess so.  Who does that?”

(Hmmm…let me think here…I want kids to learn to think on their own, I’ve gone over the requirements several times. Yes…I did say “I guess so , if that’s what you think is right” when he asked me if is right….OH WAIT…what?  I didn’t spoon feed him the answers….Stupid me. )

YOU:  Yes, when I go through each step and do the work with them, I expect certain things to be done.

What I really want to say is:

” Bitch Please……”


Seriously?  You wanna sit here and question why I haven’t memorized every single curve and kink to the entry of your kid’s butt hole?

You want me to ride his ass and make him that “A” Student so he can act like an ass in my class and tell you how much I hate him because I’m always riding his ass?  Of course…I forgot I had all that time to dedicate to just ONE student in a class of 30.

You are so wrong in so many ways.  I don’t hate your kid. I don’t hate your family.  Bitch Please…..

My job is to help them think for themselves and to teach lessons…Bitch Please…..

Your “A” kid…just learned that a Rubric is worth following and that directions are given for a reason….Bitch Please…

It’s just 7th Grade?  How about It’s your kid’s brain I’m helping to frame to help him be more successful and to excel beyond where he is.  God Forbid I try and NOT give him the cookie cutter answers and let him think that if he simply asks…rather than TRIES ….the he will somehow succeed.  I’m about growing brains and confidence and that DOES NOT come from spoon feeding him but rather teaching him how to take advantage of opportunities when given them (AKA a step by step method where he could work along and follow…but choose not to)

I hate that you’re such a fucking moron that you can’t accept a B+ for your “A” kid who happens to not be an “A” kid in this subject matter.  He might very well be an A kid in the future because he’s learned how valuable directions are and doesn’t want be embarrassed by your “I’m owed, give it to me!” attitude.

Bitch Please….  I don’ t have time in my life to be vindictive and figure out exactly how to give you student the dreaded B in this class to just to piss you off.

Bitch Please….


Now…that’s what I wanted to say.

Here is what I said before I left the meeting:

“I know he’s a good kid. I agree with you 100%.  He’s great!  I’m sorry that you feel that I am working against you and your son, as it is simply not the case.  I’m sorry that you feel this way.”


Her response: “YOU SHOULD BE SORRY!”


Bitch please………