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Eat A Dick…and other forms of harassment

Why leave teaching? Harassment and other forms of abuse that teachers face on a daily basis that are not addressed by the administration and scoffed at by parents. Are apologies good enough? Where I work is a joke.   The progressive discipline doesn’t…

The Collosal Rug of Shame

It’s hard to believe in a place where you should feel safe (in particularly kids)  that it may be a place you dread due to harassment and violence that goes unseen OR, even worse, IGNORED.  The latter being more likely. (Sad Truth) As…

Bitch Please…and other stuff you should be able to say.

I was thinking for a moment that I’d give this “reason to leave teaching” the title of : “Lagging Leaders”  but the words “Bitch Please!”  keep rolling through my head instead so I went with it. So what is this reason to leave?

Parents ….are also your students.

Just the name of the post should scare you. We were all afraid of our own parents at one point and time, and chances are if you’re reading this blog, you are like minded and you were raised well… there should be a…